Meyers Case

From Court Documents (Cantonal Appeal Court, Ticino, 12.2013.193 from October 2, 2015 and Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, Federal Supreme Court Judgement of July 29, 2015, both as attachment):

Neupert accuses Meyer of not leaving “his” house in Ticino – Villa Christina – as ordered to. Meyer says it is “his” house and accuses Neupert of kicking him out of it. Due to the lack of documents, the court had to rule based on circumstantial evidence.

Since 1984 Dieter Neupert is the official owner of a house in Vico Morcote in the Italian speaking Swiss canton Ticino. Gerd Meyer has been living there since.

Gerd Meyer says he transferred 1.3 million Deutsche Mark to Neupert in 1984, to buy the house as he could not because he was a German citizen then (now he’s got the swiss citizenship).

Neupert pretends, it is his house.

However, the Cantonal Court sees it as proven that there is an “economic relation” between the two parties. Meyer never paid any rent and there is no rental agreement. Neupert let him live there from 1984 to 1998 without problems. So it is safe to assume that the house de facto belongs to Meyer.

Neupert tried to get the house by force on October 7/8 2002. He broke in to the house with people from Securitas and tried to change locks.

Meyer accused Neupert of burglary and damage of property. Meyer also asked that Neupert provide all documentation how he used his money, particularly the 1.3 million mark he paid for the house and 8.5 million swiss francs he paid on an account.

The cantonal criminal court could not rule in 2013 because of limitation. The cantonal civil court however said that it looks like burglary (but they do not state that it IS burglary..) and decided that Neupert had to pay 20’000 swiss francs, especially because he switched off the alimentation of the aquariums and 250 fishes died in the house.

Meyer had prosecuted Neupert in 2006 in Küsnacht for 2.765’000 swiss francs for the damages because of the violation of property in 2002.

In 2007 Neupert asked the court to state that he did not owe the 2.765’000 and that Küsnacht should not publish that he was prosecuted.

The fight about the house is still going on, the federal supreme court ruled in favour of Meyer that the cantonal court has to review its judgement.

Another litigation topic are 8.5 million swiss francs which Meyer says he paid into a fund called Optima fund. The fund does not exist anymore and it is difficult to prove anything as there are no transaction documents. The bank where the fund was held, the Nord Bank, does not exist anymore either.

The only document is a letter of Neupert stating that the millions are in the Optima fund. Neupert pretends to have paid back the money to Meyer. There are no documents to prove that, which is strange as Neupert is a lawyer and should have such a transfer documented.